HEAL Network for the Ethnography of Healing seeks to promote and disseminate current research, initiatives and news 
in the field of spirituality and biomedicine



Sapienza University of Rome, 12-15 September


University of Kyoto, 17-18 June 2023

New Book

New publication drawing upon the debates of the HEAL Network

Workshop 2022

Roundtables with anthropologists and healing practitioners
and ethnographic film session,
University of Oxford 17-18 June 2022

Workshop 2021

Roundtables with anthropologists,
psychologists, and spiritual therapist

Visual Ethnography

Discussion with filmmakers Roger Canals and Ana Stela Cunha on Trance and Healing in Visual Ethnography

Chasing Shadows (2019) to be screened at the RAI Film Festival

HEAL Roundtable Discussion 

'Ethnographies of Incorporation in Spiritual Healing' (in Portuguese) on Youtube

María Lionza in Barcelona
Roger Canals, 2016, The Wenner-Gren Foundation

Roger Canals, 2019, University of Oxford 
Original idea and research: Ramon Sarró and Marina Temudo

Virtual Library 

A wide range of studies on healing across the world

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