HEAL Network for the Ethnography of Healing seeks to promote and disseminate current research, initiatives and news in the field of spirituality and biomedicine. While researching healing in its multiple manifestations and conceptualizations across cultures, it reflects upon the ways in which ethnographic knowledge is produced and disseminated.
Founded in 2018 as the Network 'Spirituality, Health, Embodiment, Ethnography' with the support of the Instituto Brasil Plural (UFSC-Brazil, 2018-2020),  the network has broadened its scope and international outreach in 2020 by adopting its current acronym HEAL-Network for the Ethnography of Healing. While maintaining its focus on ethnography, the network engages different actors on the scene of healing in its events. The web platform and workshops are part of the dissemination activities of the project THETRANCE, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 895395. The web platform aims at showcasing resources for scholars and the wider public interested in the study of healing, and the relations between spirituality and health.

HEAL Network promotes:

  • the encounter and collaboration between scholars, religious leaders, spiritual therapists, and medical professionals, to integrate skills and knowledge on spirituality and health
  • the discussion on ethnographic research methodologies and approaches to healing between spirituality and biomedicine, including a reflection on the ethnographer’s experience
  • interdisciplinary approaches to spiritual trance, mediumship and possession, and religious transnationalism
  • the dissemination of research on the ethnography of healing to a broad public through events, website and social networks;
  • training and educational activities


HEAL Network for the Ethnography of Healing welcomes ethnographers in the field anthropology, sociology, religious studies, as well as medical professionals, therapists in the area of well-being, traditional and spiritual healers. Contact us to join the network.